Even more Frost!

Time to buy and store French wines?!

Just over a week ago, the whole of France was hit by extremely cold weather which will very sharply reduce this year’s harvest of grapes and other fruits, see the blog 2021-04-10. As if this were not enough, during the week some parts of France have been hit by a second frost wave. The cold has not been as severe as it was the week before, but areas such as the Loire, Champagne, some parts of Bordeaux, Alsace and Burgundy have been affected. The cold is over for this time, except for Burgundy where it remains during Saturday morning, the forecast is 10 days ahead that it will be warmer weather.

There is already talk that this year could be worse than the catastrophic year 1991 when the frost hit on 21 and 22 April.

Source: vitisphere.com

If you want to read more about how the first frost wave hit Provence, you can read the article FEAR AND ANXIETY IN THE VINES IN PROVENCE where there are interesting interviews with several vine growers.

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