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Kudos to Göran Boman, Swedish author of The Wines of Provence – Tricolour, for his Gourmand World Cookbook Award — find out more about his impressive book and award in the Wine Snoop Report.

Wine Snoop Report:
Swedish Wine Writer Wins Coveted Award for his Book on Provence Wines

Göran Boman was recently honored with the prestigious international Gourmand World Cookbook Award for his 2018 book entitled The Wines of Provence – Tricolour.   Accordingly, this book is the “Best in the World” in the category “French Wine“! I learned that this competition has been likened to the film competition in the Oscars. Woo-hoo, Göran Boman!

This very informative and well-written book covers the wines of Provence, including not just the rosé wines but the whites and the reds which are often neglected by wine writers.  Fifty-seven producers and 340 wines are mentioned. It includes detail about history, winemaking, grape varieties, and the various terroirs in this wine region. Furthermore, Boman writes about all nine appellations of Provence.  How many Provence enthusiasts can even name all nine appellations?

In July 2019, the English version of The Wines of Provence – Tricolour was released. This version sits in a prominent place in my bookcase and has been an excellent resource.

Boman has been studying wine for 25 years.  He has long been a member of “Munskänkarna,” the Swedish association of tasting and studying wine.  Boman passed the top-level  Munskänkarna exam, equivalent to the grade of Sommelier. He writes the blog, WinesofProvence.org, in Swedish with significant parts in English – enough to warrant English speakers to definitely have a look.

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards was founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau, whose ancestor invented the secret orange liqueur recipe, and the Gourmand Awards international jury awards the world’s best cook and wine books each year.

Susan Manfull – Provence Wine Zine

“There are many books about the wines of Provence. Then why is this the book that every enthusiast and professional should have in his bookcase? Boman has put all his knowledge in this area into a well-arranged book in a 280-page book. It is not just about rosé, which now accounts for more than 90% of production. White and red that are of a qualitatively high level are also discussed. The conditions are also ideal for white and red. Furthermore, all aspects of wine, grapes, history, winemaking and terroir are discussed and a large number of producers (50+) are described in detail.

More than 50 producers, the background of which you already know after reading and can visit. Not only famous toppers, but also small producers of 6 ha. quality grapes and organic or biodynamic. For enthusiasts, there are extensive descriptions of the areas and attempts to group soil and climate with a specific type of wine grape or type of wine. There are statistics and many details for the professional.

In short, a book to get to know the area and its wines (further). The Provence wine producers and the CIVP can be happy with such a book, in which much is described and explained. An excellent promotion of the rising quality!

André Sauerbier – Wineconsultant Provence

Congratulations, a very precise book.”
Gilles DELSUC, Vigneron & Œnologue at Domaine la Blaque

Despite my warning that I basically found ALL wine books sad (exception: Kermit Lynch, Adventures on the Wine Route) he dared to send me his book. Göran Boman: The Wines of Provence – Tricolour (2019; in Swedish 2018).

    The error is, of course, mine – I lack “nerdiness”. Do not turn on all these dry facts about climate, soil, appellate regulations. Also want reading pleasure, shape.

    Most interesting in GB’s book I found an interview with Lars Torstenson. Here we can “join”. Had wanted more meetings like this …

    At the same time, I appreciate the presentations of these slightly more odd districts, such as Bellet and Palette. Good and detailed about producers and wines.

    “Maybe too much textbook?” Göran writes as a dedication. Yes, for me. Certainly not for others. The book also fills a knowledge gap. Among my many “textbooks” this is the first purely about Provence.

    (Addition. Göran is a 3-rating at the Munskänkarna – considerably tougher to achieve than the sommelier title that is compared to on the back of the book. The English edition just won the Gourmand Awards World Cup in the “French Wines” category.)
Hans Artberg om Vin