Provence Rosé Vintage 2023

Now the heat is finally on its way in Sweden and the rosé wine become more and more popular, but how is the rosé wine from Provence vintage 2023?

The weather in 2023 in Provence was characterized by an extremely dry beginning of the year, but then in May and June it broke loose with downpours and even hail. The rainfall was really long-awaited, but the heavy rain instead gave rise to an attack of leaf mold that required spraying, it’s tough being a vine farmer! Then it became very dry with several heat waves and the next rain did not come until the end of August when several thunderstorms came, i.e. in the middle of the harvest season. After another three weeks there was even more heavy rainfall, those interested can read more details on the website .

The weather in 2023 was thus quite similar to 2022 but with slightly better access to water. The heat gave a high concentration in the grapes, but at the same time it reduced the acidity that is so important for rosé wine, so it was important that the winegrower did not harvest too late to be able to get fresh rosé wines! Otherwise, an aid can then be to add more acid in the vinification.

In order to assess the 2023 vintage, we bought a number of wines in Provence at the beginning of March, which were then supplemented with two wines from our Swedish wine monopoly. Unfortunately, Domaine Gavoty’s high-class rosé wines were not ready, so we had to do without them. Further down, for those interested, there are short notes about the wines tasted.

What then was the conclusion about vintage 2023? The Provençal rosé wine vintage 2023 is generally very good and the wines are usually fresh. The challenge is that it has to have good acidity/freshness so that it doesn’t become too berry-like and have too much perceived sweetness.

Château La Tulipe Noir – La Tulipe Noir, 11.5 P (15€). A rosé with slightly more body but with a deviant scent of raspberry candy – red Ferrari cars, a bit too sweet. Deviates from previous years.

Figuiere, Family Combard – Premiere, 12 P (€16.3). On the nose fresh slightly special aroma dominated by pineapple. A bit too sweet and the rather short aftertaste is not as fresh as I would like. Négociant wine.

Les Quatre Tours – Domaine de Collavery, 12.5 P (109 SEK). Berries on the nose with a little sweetness. Good fruity sweetness in the attack in the mouth and with a medium long aftertaste that ends with some positive bitterness/minerality. A slightly sweeter vintage with berries. Cooperative.

Château du Rouët – Villa Esterelle rosé, 12.5 P (€9.2). A slightly smaller but fresh scent. Fruity attack in the mouth and the medium-long aftertaste that ends with a hint of saltiness. A clean and good standard Provence rosé.

Château du Rouët – 1840, 12.5+ P (€11). Compared to Esterelle, the wine has a bit more body and with a hint of creaminess. A clean and good standard Provence rosé.

Château Tour Saint Honore – TSH Rosé, 13.5 P (€11). On the nose berries with a slightly deeper complex scent. Fruity attack in the mouth with fruity sweetness, medium aftertaste that finishes fresh with some citrus. A fresh composed wine, good standard Provence rosé

Domains Ott – By.Ott 14 P (209 SEK). Fresh, complex scent. Fruity attack in the mouth with a hint of tannins, long aftertaste with some positive bitterness/minerality. An elegant wine à la Provence standard. Négociant wine.

Château Tour Saint Honore – Olivier, 14.5 P (13.5€). Round and fruity on the nose. Fruity tasty attack, round taste with a little creaminess. Long aftertaste. Complex wine, mainly to accompany food but also as an aperitif.

Château Tour Saint Honore – Sixtine, 15 P (€17.5). A rosé with a stronger colour. On the nose berries and notes from barrels, like pine nuts. Berries and notes from the barrel on the palate, hint of vanilla and a little creaminess, long aftertaste. A complex, good oaked rosé. 20% of the wine fermented and aged in amphora, 50% aged in demi-muid barrels (approx. 500 litres) and 30% aged in tank on its lees.

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Provence expert Göran Boman, Author of the books “Provence – Vita, röda och även roséviner” and “The Wines of Provence – Tricolour”.

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