Grape Harvest in Provence September 2019

The harvest has now (Originally posted September 9) been going on for some time in Provence warmer parts, while for the vineyards in the northern parts, such as Château Revelette in Coteaux d ‘Aix-en-Provence, the harvest will start now.
Yesterday I visited Commanderie de Peyrassol in Côte de Provence and was given the opportunity to see when the newly picked green Semillon grapes arrived at the winery until they went into the wine press.
I have posted some pictures and a short video clip that can be interesting.

Checking the sugar content/ripeness in the grapes before harvesting.
The green grapes arrive at the winery.
Video showing:
1. The Semillon grapes arrives, handpicked and put in small boxes
 2. Sorting the grapes at the sorting table
 3. Destemming of the Semillon grapes
 4. The grapes and some juice are transported by a screw via a large pipe…
 5. …into the wine press
 6. Carbon dioxide ice in a bucket
 7. Carbon dioxide ice put onto the grapes in the wine press, awaiting further grapes before pressing starts.

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