Grape Harvesting by Machine in Provence September 2019

The grape harvest is largely finished in Provence (Originally posted September 30) and in recent weeks we have visited several of the best vineyards in all of Provence. They are very satisfied with this year’s harvest, a high quality that was not appreciably affected by the three heat waves that have been, but with a quantity that is slightly lower than normal.

Last weekend there was extensive rain, so it was busy days in the vineyard before the rain came. Have you not seen how to harvest grapes by machine, then my video cut will be very interesting.

There is also a video showing how the whole grape clusters are transported to the tank for a macération carbonique fermentation at Domaine La Blaque in Pierrevert.

Grape harvesting by machine:
1. The grape harvesting machine in work. In about one hour it harvests as much as 20 men during one day.
2. Emptying of the grapes into the tractor trailer
3. Only the stems are left on the vines
4. Another harvesting machine where you can see the interior with the sticks that hits the vines and the bands that transports the grapes
Grapes for macération carbonique fermentation:
1. Some producers have unique wines that are fermented using macération carbonique, but the wines are far from being like a Beaujolais, the only similarity is the increased aroma from the grapes.
2. Very healthy Syrah wines arrive at the Domaine La Blaque in Pierrevert, the most northern appellation in Provence, where this method is a speciality for some of their best red wines.
3. The whole grape cluster is transported to the stainless-steel vat for macération carbonique fermentation. The vat is then saturated with carbon dioxide and a maceration during 3 weeks is then carried out.

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