The Best Provence Caviste!

If you are on the French Riviera and are looking for good white and red wines from Provence, as well as rosé wines, then this caviste in Mandelieu is good and it is probably the best!
In Provence, wonderful wines are produced in all three colours, and not only the more commercial pale rosé wines, the wines that stand out the most are the white and red wines! One problem, however, is where to buy these wines. If you have the time, it is of course the most pleasant to visit the small good producers, but it requires several hours and several hundreds of kilometres by car.

If you are near Cannes, my recommendation is to visit Mr. Pierrick Bouvier at “Moulin au Château” in Mandelieu ( He has a good selection of wines and spirits and extra interesting is that he has a whole table with only wines from Provence (see photo), so a lot of the best wines found in my books “Provence – White, red and also rosé wines ”and“ The Wines of Provence – Tricolour ”can be found here.

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