The Quality of Provence Wines is Increasing Even More

Provence is already the world leader with its pale and fresh rosé wine, and right now Dominique Hauvette, winemaker etc. and owner of Domaine Hauvette, has been named the French winemaker of 2020 by the renowned wine magazine La Revue du Vin de France! Extremely pleasing when she produces wine of all three colours and as much as 80% are red wines, in addition the wines are natural wines which are also good!

It was Dominique’s love for Provence and the passion to breed racehorses, Arab thoroughbred for endurance races, which led her to end her career as a lawyer in Savoy and move to Provence instead. Then she tried on what to her was a completely new area, producing wines …

Domaine Hauvette has a very high reputation and the hard and stubborn work that the discreet and very knowledgeable Dominique Hauvette has put down since 1988 has placed her at the top not only in Provence but throughout France. In the vineyard of 16.5 hectares, biodynamic cultivation is applied and as it lies north of the Alpilles mountains it has a climate that is colder for the area that gives fresh wines. “I try to capture the living energy and transfer it from her vines to the bottle. Wine is life. You have to disturb the life of the vine, yeast and bacteria as little as possible without oenological additives, except a little sulphur, to successfully produce a living wine”, she says. So, the wines are very pure, extremely personal and with finesse.

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